Band saws
Stainless saws
Meat mincers / Meat grinders
Automatic grinders
Fish scaling machine
Tray sealers
Meat Press
Meat shredder
Meat tenderizer
Insect lamp
Gastronorm containers
Sausage closing machine
Bag sealer
Vacuum packing machine
Cheese cutters
Knife sharpeners
Knife disinfectors
Laboratory mills
Complete lines

KT Production lines: KT offers quality. The meat arrives in the container in the form of carcasses - a pig in two halves and beef cattle with the front and back halves separated. The container may also be used for handling other types of meat, sych as lamb, wild game, reindeer, elk and deer, wild boar etc. Containers for handling slaughter products and fish are also available.

Inside the container, meat containing bones is cut up (band saw), tenderized (meat tenderizer), cut into strips and slices (slicer), thin and tender steaks are prepared (meat press), it is minced (meat grinder), moulded (hamburger moulder), vacuum packed (vacuum packing machine), weighed and priced (weighing and pricing machine).

The customer is able to specify which products they wish to be included in the production line. The KT production line is a hygienic and high quality solution for customers with exacting standards. The production lines incorporate only KT quality products. We manufacture high quality technological solutions for discerning customers.

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