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Knife disinfectors

621 / Disinfector cabinet by ozone
Knife box cabinet with double slot for greater capacity. Includes ozone generator with timer for the disinfection of blades of the knives. Length of slot 40 cm. Average capacity 15 knives.
Technical specifications.

721 / Disinfector cabinet by ozone
Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304. Disinfection in 30 minutes with two magnetic bars for greater advantage of space. Average capacity of 20 knives. Digital timer avoiding oxidation and increasing the cabinets endurance.
Technical specifications.

821 / Disinfector cabinet by ozone
Greater size than model 721, average capacity of 40 knives. You will have effective disinfection in 40 minutes. Includes digital timer. Door is made of PVC.
Technical specifications.

725 / Disinfector cabinet by UV light
Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 with PVC door. Disinfection in 50 minutes. Average capacity 20 knives. Tilted support for knives reduce as many shadows as possible.
Technical specifications.

710 / Water disinfecting cabinet
Traditional box for the disinfection through hot water at 82 °C. Manufactured with water stop cock for easy filling and emptying with secured water exit. Minimum time of disinfection 15 minutes.
Technical specifications.

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