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Meat grinders LM-5P, LM-10P, LM-22P, LM-32L, LM-42

Meat mincer LM-82P

MEAT MINCERS: These meat grinders have been manufactured to the highest specifications using the latest technology. Because of the precise adjustment of motor and components, the grinders are reliable, maintenance-free and enjoy a long service life. Every detail is thoroughly considered. KT meat mincers combine practicality with safety. The quality and reliability of the product is reflected in its individual appearance.
Technical specifications.

SUFFICIENT POWER FOR ANY APPLICATION: Due to their quiet and smooth running and powerful capacity, KT grinders offer excellent performance.

SAFE AND HYGIENIC: KT grinders fulfil all current and pending requirements of the European Standard EN 12331 Mincing Machines. It is not costly to run a KT grinder - both operating and maintenance costs are lower than ever. The owner has every reason to feel satisfied, now and well into the future.

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Dimensional drawing LM-5P
Dimensional drawing LM-5P

Dimensional drawing LM-10P
Dimensional drawing LM-10P

Dimensional drawing LM-22P, LM-82P
Dimensional drawing LM-22P, LM-82P

Dimensional drawing LM-32P, LM-98P
Dimensional drawing LM-32P, LM-98P

Dimensional drawing LM-42, LM-130
Dimensional drawing LM-42, LM-130

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