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Laboratory mill KT-3100


LABORATORY MILL: The new 3100 Laboratory Mill combines efficient milling with a pleasant dust-free and noiseless atmosphere.

The 3100 is a hammer mill which crushes the product at high speed through a sieve. The machine is capable of milling at up to 25 % humidity. There is a filter to remove dust from the exhaust air, and the ground product enters the sample container via cyclone. There is no need to clean the machine between milling applications.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION: The mill can be used to produce practically any type of analysis sample.

SELF-CLEANING: The mill incorporates a cyclone to separate the ground product from the exhaust air. This ensures a clean grinding chamber, ready for the next product. The sample container is simple to remove and clean.

QUIET: The mill has been sealed with a noise damping material, and the mill motor is extremely quiet in operation.

LARGE SAMPLES: The mill is designed to handle 300 g of grain at a time. This ensures a reliable sample result and the greatest possible accuracy in the analysis.

KT-3100: Sound proofed, cyclone outlet hammer mill approved for Falling Number, Gluten Index and other grain analysis.
KT-120: Hammer mill approved for Falling Number, Gluten Index and other grain analysis.
KT-3600: Disc mill for grain moisture and large particle grinding.
KT-3310: Disc mill or grain moisture and PSI Hardenss test.

Laboratory mills KT-3100, KT-120, KT-3600, KT-3303

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