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Tray sealers HB-3, HB-4

TRAY SEALER: Tray sealers have been designed to seal plastic film and cardboard lids onto food trays. The machine is intended for the food industry: grocery stores, quick service restaurants, other restaurants, institutional kitchens and canteens and food distribution outlets.

Capacity: 200-300 seals per hour. Placing of tray, stretching film over tray and thermal sealing - duration is about 10 seconds.

Usage: All tray sealers, manufactured by Koneteollisuus Oy, are equipped with a timer and a magnetic lid closing mechanism, which make the sealing process easier -> the lid doesn't have to be held closed manually. The sealing time (1-10s.) is adjusted by timer, the magnet holds the lid closed. When the adjusted time has elapsed, the lid opens automatically. The hotplate is spring activated, which ensures optimum sealing performance.

The design ensures that the machine is easy to use and a rhythm of operation is achieved. The machine is also light-weight in use. The materials used in the construction are easy to maintain and the number of components subject to wear and tear has been kept to a minimum.
Technical specifications.

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